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Five years ago, I was going nowhere fast. But something changed. I got off my arse.

I suggest you do the same, start talking yourself into doing things, instead of talking yourself out of things.

I was having some chill out time over Christmas and playing my PlayStation 3 (that’s my thing). In the game I was playing, I stumbled across a level which had five big monsters on it, I retreated and began running away with the intent of going to another city and returning later to take them on when I had better weaponry.

My boy (six) was watching me play said: “Dad, why are you running” You have to believe in yourself.” I thought he was nuts but I said: “Okay son, I’ll believe in myself and go for it.” Honestly, having played this game before, taking on five enemies at once I didn’t have a chance. My prediction” A horrible rapid demise.

I ducked, dodged and fired back. Five minutes later, net result: five dead Super Mutants and me on my last legs. But I’d defied my own logic. Based on the words of a six-year-old suggesting I believe in myself, I’d done what I’d previously thought unthinkable

In 2010, believe in yourself, set outrageous goals (ideally ones that make those around you think you’re mad) and go for it.  In this next year I’m all set to become “the real voice of UK business”. How do I know that” I just asked my six-year-old. And who am I to argue After all he was right last time.

Stop doubting and start believing in yourself, there is NO downside!Brad Burton is the founder of business network, author and top motivational speaker. Watch him in action here:

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