Storms settle over UK economy

Why the depressing outlook” Well, consider the type of economic stories we’ve seen so far this week:

The Bank of England was decidedly downbeat when talking about the prospects for the UK’s economy.• Inflation is at its highest level since the early 1990s• Unemployment numbers have rocketed up 60,000Sterling is dropping in value against the dollar• Senior executives are fleeing the UK because of the credit crunch

Unfortunately, we’re also seeing more entrepreneurs being crunched out of business. Take, for example, property tycoon Andrew Strode-Gibbons.

You’ve got to feel for the guy – when the property market was up, Strode-Gibbons seemed untouchable. Now, he’s no doubt wondering: what next?

We’re being bombarded by ceaseless amounts of depressing economic data plus some real-life horror stories, making it harder not to start feeling… concerned Depressed Scared

How about all of the above

We’ve been living with the credit crunch for a year now and it’s clear this is no passing summer storm. Those searching the skies for a rainbow to signal the end of the squall will be searching for a while.

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