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Stuck in a rut 7 ways to keep moving forward

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Perhaps you can’t seem to get it together to go after those bigger, more lucrative clients Or maybe that next stage of your business plan is starting to feel like too much of a leap to contemplate  

While we know that the key to new business successes often involves stepping outside of ones comfort zone, this can sometimes prove a challenge. 

Here are my tips on breaking out of your comfort zone to go for what you really want.

1. Identify your fears

The first step in facing fears is to put a name to them. Why have you never signed up for that SEO course that youve bookmarked Are you afraid it’s going to be too technical Or perhaps you just can’t face up to the fact that something will have to go to make time for this new task Why havent any of your leads recently come to anything Are you relying on the same old presentations and material Whats keeping you stuck

2. Choose an approach

Think about how people get into a chilly swimming pool. Some dive in, eager to get it over with and get swimming whilst others tip-toe in, slowly acclimatising themselves to the temperature. Theres no right way to get into the pool, the important thing is that you choose your approach and manage to in! 

The same goes for your approach to business. Are you the type that needs to plunge in and get it over with, or do you need to slowly and gently nudge yourself out of your comfort zone  

3. Pick yourself up and keep moving forward

Big picture thinking can be powerful but sometimes you have to put that aside or break things down, dealing with each wobble or issue as it arises. 

Allow for mistakes, they are inevitable and part of the process. Practise picking yourself up over and over again. If you hit a dead end, try a different way. Entrepreneurs are famous for acknowledging that their failures have contributed to their success. Remind yourself that you are brave enough.

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4. Use your values

Take time to identify your core personal values. They not only serve as reminders to represent what you want to stand for and how you wish to act in the face of change, but can also be used like a compass to keep you going in the right direction…for you. 

If you want to make changes, use your values to inspire you. For instance, if having a social responsible aspect to your work is an overriding value, read stories about successful social enterprises and how you can adopt some of their practises, connect with them on LinkedIn, and look at what one thing you can do today, in your business, that will make a difference. 

Read on to find out how brand factors in.



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