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Stuck in a rut? 7 ways to keep moving forward

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5. Take care of yourself

While it requires some courage to step outside of your comfort zone, you don’t want it to result in a traumatic experience! Do all of this while looking after yourself emotionally, practically and spiritually. 

Support yourself in every way that you can and solicit the support of others as needed. It may be that you decide you need a mentor or business coach at this time, or look for an experienced financial adviser who can work with you. Expanding your comfort zones is a time of great growth. Try to be realistic and avoid extremes, be they pulling all nighters at the office, or a week of boozy networking events.

6. Use your outer branding to keep you moving

If you know in what direction you want to go, consider making external changes to help you get there. 

For instance, one client wanted to move from a strait-laced banking background into fashion. While reframing his existing skills and rewriting his CV was a big part of this process, encouraging him to adopt more colourful clothes and become more playful with his appearance (both in person and online) helped his mentally move into that world even before he physically got there.

If you’re hoping to move into a different business climate, what can you do to make yourself feel more at home there, and look the part? It may be that you upgrade your suit, invest in a beautiful handbag or even dress a bit more casually to seem more approachable.

7. Build acceptance around fear and move with it

Ours is not a risk friendly society. After all, as humans we have an aversion to risk within our DNA, but what’s important is to recognise that it stems from a time when life was a lot more risky, when real dangers such as sabre-toothed tigers could literally be around the corner. 

Most of the time, stepping outside of our comfort zones doesn’t carry the same level of danger as a tiger in the room, but we can still respond to risk with the same “fight or fight” response, a “misfiring” that paralyse us. 

Practise taking small risks and get used to how this feels while building acceptance around feelings of fear, knowing that it is a completely normal human experience. Keep making steps forward even while feeling the fear. This will slowly but surely help you move past that comfort zone!

Lisa Orban is a chartered clinical psychologist and personal branding consultant, and the founder of Golden Notebook.

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