“Sunday night fear” – Do you have it?

Sunday has always been a sore spot for children. The day dangled the last of your freedom before you like a carrot and you were all too aware that school would begin the next day.

This doesn’t seem to have changed with age.

The majority of the UK workforce dreads Monday morning at work so much that they’ve come to fear Sunday itself. The day strikes terror in the hearts of employees and employers alike, with 75 per cent of Britain having encountered ‘Sunday night fear’ at least once in their lives.

And it all occurs by 19:00pm.

But why are we so anxious about returning to work?

Sitting in traffic or being squeezed onto a busy train, that’s why. A third of Brits cite the daily commute to be the number one reason they suffer ?Sunday night fear?. An additional 25 per cent of Brits confess to snoozing alarms, fearing the early morning wake-up call the most.

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Reasons for said condition, however, seem to differ between industries.

One in six teachers say they dread Monday?s heavy workload, while one in fourteen of those working in the energy sector admit they hate dressing smart for work. For one in 20 workers in the creative industries, their main cause of concern was returning to work on a Monday after a potentially embarrassing Friday night out with colleagues.

According to reed.co.uk, the rest of the population seems to be addicted to work. A large proportion that don’t suffer from this condition have ?a desire to achieve something as their main motivation?, ?relish getting back into a routine.?

Top ten industries that suffer Sunday night fear:

  1. Media and publishing (86 per cent);
  2. Marketing, advertising and PR (80 per cent);
  3. Creative arts and design (75 per cent);
  4. Teaching and education (71 per cent);
  5. Science and Pharmaceuticals (69 per cent);
  6. Information Technology (63 per cent);
  7. Property and Construction (62 per cent);
  8. Health and Social Care (62 per cent);
  9. Accounting, banking and finance (60 per cent);
  10. Recruitment and HR (59 per cent)
Lynn Cahillane, communications manager at reed.co.uk suggested that this might be down to work/life balance.

?It?s important for employees to strike a good work/life balance, so be sure to make the most of your weekend to avoid that dreaded feeling on a Sunday evening,” she said. “If you?re really concerned about returning to work, then it might be time to consider looking at what?s available within the job market. There are a huge number of positions available on reed.co.uk giving you the chance to find a job where you really can love Mondays.? 

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