Sunday Times Fast Track shame

Impressed? So were we.

So imagine our surprise when we hear that Greenergy has been knocked out of the Sunday Times Fast Track. Has the world gone mad?

“They said that our over-achievement was de-valuing the process and taking away from the efforts of other people,” says the incredulous founder, Andrew Owens.

The researchers at the Sunday Times called him to explain that it simply wouldn’t do to have one company trounce all the others by such an outrageous margin.

“Their top company grew at a compound rate of 180 per cent, with an extra £10m turnover,” says Owens. “We put on £750m, so they kicked us out. It’s the new rule: the UK’s top 100 fastest growing companies, except Greenergy”

All this as Real Business gears up for its Hot 100, our ranking of the fastest growing companies in the UK. We’ve got some real stars this year, some new faces and some old friends.

Needless to say, for the third consecutive year, Greenergy is resolutely present.

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