Supercar company seeks brand ambassador

And not just any woman. This lady’s crazy about cars. She drives for the Maserati racing team, she’s won medals for racing and to top it all, she’s a supermodel.

You’ve got it. It’s Jodie Kidd.

“We don’t want Quadriga to be a boy’s club,” says co-founder Chirag Shah. “We’re keen to target both men and women. That’s why Jodie would be perfect. She’s not token totty; she’s won racing trophies. She’d draw both.”

Alas, Kidd has proved somewhat elusive as yet. Perhaps it’s because she’s busy becoming a businesswoman in her own right: she’s currently working on an environmental range of golf shoes and clothing.

Well, if you’re reading this, Jodie Kidd, the offer’s on the table.

Check out the stunning motor enthusiast in action.

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