Life in the fast lane: Matching supercars with high-end Corsa Miglia luggage

Our appetite for luxury items doesn’t seem to be decreasing ? we’re doing our fair share of window shopping. And, as its been speculated, with the rich only getting richer, Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s galore are taking to the streets. With the latter being the case though, it comes as no surprise that high-end store Corsa Miglia has garnered success.

We recently saw an article on BrandTrain that caught our interest ? the author claimed someone had told him how to put a score on life. He said: ?The advice on assessing my life was simple. ?He who dies with the most toys wins!??

While drones and other such technological?gadgets will always be oogled by men and women alike, it seems the type of car you drive particularly falls into the ?toy? category. And according to Gord Duff, car specialist at RM Sothesby, an increase in supercars has flagged up the emergence of a new generation of automobile?collectors.

?There are definitely newer people coming into the hobby,? claimed Duff. ?New collectors first collect modern cars because they can easily drive them. Then, as they start going to car shows and concours events, they start to go backward. Eventually, they get into the old stuff, but they don?t start there.?


But when you?ve got yourself a modern car, you want to show it off to the fullest. That was the thought behind Corsa Miglia?s business concept. Its tailored sets’ prices depend on the car?the luggage is being matched to, with a Porsche package retailing at?$3,977. The package includes a golf bag, shoe bag and travel kit though. The $1,967.88 Maserati package will get you two wheeled suitcases and a duffle bag.

In a nutshell, Corsa Miglia creates luggage sets to fit luxury cars ? made from naked leather for the likes of Porsche, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Ferrari. And the company?s website suggests Val Apple wanted what went into the car to be as noteworthy as the car itself.

Explaining further, Gloria Soviero-Canady, brand manager of Corsa Miglia, said: ?You pull up to a nice hotel in your gorgeous Ferrari, the bellhop comes up to your car and pops your trunk, and you want what is under the hood to be as nice as what?s outside.?

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