Superdry founder steps down to focus on brand image

30 years ago, the company started as a market stall in Cheltenham, and now sells its products in over 100 countries. Super Group is rapidly expanding, and so Dunkerton has decided that it’s ?the right time? to bring someone else on board.

Co-Operative boss Euan Sutherland, who has worked in companies such as Coca-Cola and B&Q, will be taking the reigns, and in a statement the company suggested that he would be ?instrumental in delivery growth plans?.

?With the number of opportunities Super Group has available and the increasing complexity of the business, now is the right time to bring in a CEO of Euan’s calibre,? he said. 

?Having worked with him on the Board for two years, I am certain our skills will be complementary and look forward to delivering the continued growth of the Superdry brand together,? Dunkerton continued.

But he’s not leaving the company; Dunkerton will will assume the role of ?product and brand director? so as to focus on developing product ranges.

“Really it is the creative side that I feel I add best value. So to deliver the huge international opportunity that we have, this was the most logical decision that I could possibly make, personally and for the business.”

Indeed, it seems that Dunkerton is perfectly happy stepping down, only having the best intensions for the company: ?Never think of yourself. It?s about your staff, your customer, and your business. You?re tenth on the list. If you?re thinking that you are doing it for a Porsche then forget it, because you?ll never make the right decisions to build the business.?

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