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Can you simplify supplier invoice management for employees and finance

Can you simplify supplier invoice management for employees and finance?

It frees up time for you and your team so you can provide the strategic insights the business needs. And it does this without creating more work for the rest of the business.

7 ways to simplify supplier invoices

The AP process can be made simple for both finance AND employees. Here are seven ways how.

The eBook“highlights how much the role of the finance team has changed in recent years. There has never been so much expected of finance leaders. You?re expected to balance the books and manage cash flow as before. But you’re now also expected to drive the growth strategy of the business too.

But where do you find the time to do this” Finance teams in fast-growing businesses spend a whole day each week on admin tasks. It’s frustrating admin too. Let’s take supplier invoice management as an example.

It involves piles of paper, manual data entry that leads to inevitable mistakes, has the worry of duplicate invoices, involves difficult conversations with unhappy suppliers and more. It’s no wonder your team suffers from low morale.

There is another concern too. If you’re using a manual invoice management process, it is likely that much of the process is undocumented and relies on knowledge only acquired through long experience.

It means you’re particularly vulnerable when a team member decides to move on.

The obvious solution to all this is to simplify and automate your invoice management process. But what’s the best way to do this” The traditional view is that it isn’t possible to do this without annoying someone.

Squaring the circle of simplified invoice management

You would like the process to be as easy as possible for employees in the rest of the business. The trouble is that when it’s easy for the rest of the business it increases the workload of the finance team. You and your team spend your time chasing paper trails and checking individual invoices and line item for errors.

On the other hand, making the process as easy as possible for the finance team isn’t a solution either. When you ask employees in the rest of the business to do more work upfront, it inevitably involves them having to negotiate the necessary workflows and approval systems. The result is frustration in the rest of the business.

No trade-off needed

Concur invoice is a system that allows you to capture and automate supplier invoices and track every penny. It enables you to put a process in place that makes life easier for the finance team and employees in the rest of the business too.

Concur Invoice offers three key benefits:

  • Simple web-based and mobile applications that streamline the AP process’
  • Automated data capture that reduces data entry and saves time’
  • Predefined reports, dashboards and key metrics that offer a comprehensive view into spend so you get visibility into spend before it happens, can make more informed decisions and improve cash flow management.

But these benefits are just the start. We have identified seven ways Concur Invoice allows you keep your team happy and the rest of the business happy too. Find out how by?downloading the eBook.


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