‘Supply and demand’ for 10 year-olds

The business is in demand during the recession, as worried parents herd their children into classes hoping they won’t repeat the mistakes of the credit crunched generation.

Lessons cost between $125 and $500 (sorry, who’s supposed to be financially secure again?) and teach children the noble arts of saving, budgeting, deciphering good and bad debt and playing the stock market.

Classes feature competitive games too, including the inspiringly titled ‘supply and demand musical chairs’.

One child is quoted in this BBC article explaining the origins of hyper-inflation in Germany’s Weimar Republic. "You can’t just borrow your way out of trouble or keep printing money," says the 14-year-old.

It makes you wonder wether we’ve become a little too sensitive about the nuances of making and losing money. One thing’s for sure, however: with debt worries consistently making the headlines, Camp Millionaire’s financial future is secure.

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