With 10 months to go, there are still ‘Back to the Future II’ opportunities for SMEs

Many film buffs have been looking forward to 2015, trying to figure out how much director Robert Zemeckis and screenwriter Bob Gale got right in 'Back to the Future II'. That's right, this is the year Mart McFly time-travels to, and it's astonishing how many of their predictions hit the mark. However, die-hard fans were let down when some of the more notable gadgets had yet to be made.

The FD verdict: What are the key 2015 issues keeping FDs awake at night?

In their 2014 report, 'CFO Insights on Success: Preparing for 2015 and Beyond', the ICAEW suggested that “these days the CFO earns his or her place at the leadership table because they have the knowledge to combine business acumen with hard facts: the numbers.” But come year-end, the pressure is on the finance team to deliver accurate results with no surprises. And of course, there will be certain areas that will be more challenging and demanding than others.