Making Tax Digital: Why it could transform your finance department for the better

Like it or not, tax processes are about to go completely digital. My view is that concerns surrounding this transition come from fear of the unknown rather than anything else. SMEs should embrace this digital transition, as it could revolutionise the way they tackle their finances and for the better. I break down the perks of taking tax digital.

Is your business on the angel investor wishlist this year?

Angel investors can give your business a boost

Is your business pitch falling on deaf ears” Well, new findings from The UK Angel Investment Network can explain why. They reveal the ten sectors angels are most interested in this year, as well as the areas which are receiving too many pitches. Read on to find out where your business falls.

Changing landscapes: The UK’s top billionaires are self-made

The UK’s billionaire economy is becoming increasingly defined by those who are self-made. Whilst our island’s rich list was once dominated by legacy families and even aristocracy, entrepreneurs from humble beginnings are now gaining self-made ‘billion bucks’ status. Let’s catch up with some of Britain’s most iconic self-starters…

UK entrepreneurs: The highest tax payers revealed

Who are the UK’s biggest taxpayers” How much did they contribute to the economy last year” Among the top-tier payers are EasyJet’s Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, and James Dyson (despite the fact he’s planning on moving his HQ to Singapore).

Do you have to be a militant vegan to lead a cruelty-free business?

We’re in the midst of a vegan revolution in business, and it’s not only about food choices, nor aggressive activism. These three founders are changing the way we see vegan businesses. They can be commercially savvy, and ideologically realistic as well as passionate about a cruelty-free economy.