How to finance a bed and breakfast business

How to finance a bed and breakfast

Owning a bed and breakfast is a dream for many. It can be a rewarding way of gaining financial freedom, you get to meet travellers from all over the world, and after putting in some initial work, a B&B can eventually run smoothly with little effort on your part. In addition, it gives you the […]

How do finance companies calculate interest?

How do finance companies calculate interest?

When you borrow money from a lender, whether it’s for a business loan or personal loan, you’ll need to pay back this loan with interest. In some instances, the final amount you end up paying back over time can be more than double the amount you originally borrowed. Interest is in place so that the […]

How to offer finance to your customers in the UK

How to offer finance to my customers UK

When it comes to offering finance to customers in the UK, business owners have two basic options; they can either administer the customer finance themselves or work with a third party financing company to run the credit operations on your behalf. Decide what type of finance you want to offer Choose a financing firm to […]

What is debit finance

What is Debit Finance?

When it comes to funding a business, capital is paramount. Capital is the operating money that you need to get your business running smoothly before you start bringing in money to break even and eventually turn a profit. There are two types of capital: equity and debt. Equity and debt are very different and will […]

What makes angel investors invest?

What makes angel investors invest?

For many startups, the quest to gain the investment of a wealthy mentor feels a little “Great Expectations”, but it can make a small business soar.

Busting five myths of invoice financing

Invoice financing

Amidst the array of challenges that SMEs in the UK face, such as securing investment, outpacing competitors and growing a customer base, the biggest obstacle to growth for 54 per cent of UK SMEs is a shortage of cash.