Apple Watch review business tool or luxury gadget

Apple's iPhone appears to be a bottomless pit when it comes to producing money, and the company will surely be hoping for the same from the Apple Watch. But while the iPhone is used by consumers and businesspeople alike, can the wearable also support enterprise

Premier Inn changes the definition of room service with Apple Watch integration

The travel industry has always been pretty straightforward. You decide where you want to stay, book the hotel on the phone or online, and the experience is either great, mediocre, bad or leaves you with a feeling of indifference. But change is in the air, and Premier Inn has embraced it to redefine the meaning of room service with the Apple Watch.

If the iPhone was a company it’d be bigger than Yahoo and Google

All eyes are on Apple as it starts shipping the Apple Watch on 24 April, and expectations are high. To recap just how much it has to live up to, and gauge how it'll fare against the company's other offerings, Real Business revisits some stats from the Q1 results and last year's earnings.