Entrepreneurial lessons the military taught me

For Extrinsica Global founder and CEO, Simon Smith, a distinguished 20+ year career as an officer in the Air Force has been superb preparation for the daily challenges he faces as an entrepreneur and business owner.

Heroes in the workforce: Why hiring military veterans is a good idea

Those serving in the armed forces are trained to be tough, self-disciplined and ready to adapt to adversity. And individuals discharging from military careers stand to transform and grow organisations as the value of their training is finally being recognised in the business industry.

Making the transition from the army to business success

As the first anniversary of the departure of British troops from Afghanistan approaches and the British Army faces cuts that could reduce it to its smallest for nearly 250 years, more and more soldiers are finding themselves looking for new careers. In many cases, the move from military to civilian life will come as something of a shock.

Why you should hire ex-servicemen and women

The transition from military service to Civvy Street can be tough because candidates lack a comparable employment history, but ex-service people have a lot to offer businesses who give them the chance to talk about their skills.