Auto-enrolment digital guide: Advice and guidance for SMEs, from SMEs

As one of the most important policy changes in recent years, auto-enrolment and the workplace pensions scheme should now be a focus for every employer in the country. Make sure you don’t leave it too late by having a look at our new digital guide, which heard the stories of four SMEs.

The penalties for non-compliance with auto-enrolment

As a new piece of policy, aimed at boosting the pension pots of British workers and ensuring that we do not develop a dependency culture from lack of personal savings, auto-enrolment is now in full swing. But what happens to businesses which do not comply with its framework

SMEs are defying the expectations on auto enrolment

As a small employer, you may have already started enrolling your workers into a workplace pension. Understandably, some have questioned how easy it’ll be, but our experience so far suggests a more positive story than might have been expected.

The top five auto-enrolment myths

Auto enrolment is complex and misapprehensions aren’t uncommon. To help employers navigate their way through, NOW: Pensions has “myth busted” five of the most common incorrect assumptions.

What business owners need to know about auto enrolment

In 2012, auto enrolment for all employees in pension schemes was made law. While this law has come into effect in stages, every business in the UK is expected to have its staff enrolled from February 2018. In order to meet this deadline, businesses will need to be set up from October 18, 2016.