5 ways to drive compliance from the top down

Compliance is often seen as a nuisance, a “have to do” that’s part of the price of admission for companies working at global scale. However, it can differentiate your business and attract more customers.

How to deal with 9 habits that ruin meetings

Whether it’s cutting people off mid-sentence, people twiddling their thumbs with their eyes on the clock or slurping down a late lunch, there are habits if left unchecked that can turn a good meeting into a bad one.

Superdry CFO: My biggest mistakes and accomplishments

Chas Howes Superdry

When you’re the CFO or FD of a company, then planning for growth will be a key priority. Chas Howes, former head of finance at Superdry, sets out what his goals were for the company and what he would change if he could turn back time.