What is post-shipment finance and how could it help your exporting business?

What is post-shipment finance?

As an exporter, one of the biggest challenges in the export business is the waiting period between shipping goods (or providing services) to an overseas client and the time in which you get paid for the goods and services that you have provided. The larger the shipment, the larger the risk, and the more potential […]

What is debt finance? The ultimate guide to personal and business loans

What is debt finance?

Debt financing is a type of financial arrangement where you borrow money from a lender or creditor for a certain period over time and at a pre-agreed rate of interest. With debt financing, the loan is paid in regular instalments (usually monthly payments) until the entire amount is paid off. There are many uses for […]

UK SMEs Need to Adapt for the Future of Sales

future of sales

According to HubSpot’s UK Future of Sales Report, the UK’s small businesses will need to adjust to the hybrid working and selling reality and embrace innovative technology to stay competitive. We sat down with Ed Barret, Vice President of Sales at HubSpot, to discuss the report.  Hybrid working seems to be at the forefront of […]

Why is finance important? Here’s what you need to know.


Whether you are thinking about starting a business, or you are already in the early days of running your small business, you might be thinking about finances. After all, it is difficult to get a business off the ground without investing money into it. So, why is finance important in business? In this article, we […]

What are the job opportunities after an MBA in finance

What are the job opportunities after MBA in finance

Careers in finance are well-known for their healthy salaries and clear routes of career progression. And with those holding advanced finance qualifications commanding the highest of these salaries, it is no wonder that an MBA in finance is such a popular qualification. But what are the job opportunities after MBA in finance. In this article, […]

Should I consider a secured loan for my business?


Cash flow is so important for UK businesses and many owners will often explore different funding options to stay on top of their finances and running costs. Whilst government grants, private investment and personal savings can be a starting point for a new company, for businesses that are growing or facing a cash shortfall, the […]

How CFOs are solving the Excel problem in financial projections

How CFOs are solving the Excel problem in financial projections

Excel holds a mythical place amongst software that financial professionals use. No matter how advanced data technology gets, Excel has retained its place as the app of choice for CFOs and their teams. The choice to stick to the humble spreadsheet primarily stems from its ease of use and readily programmable nature. However, inertia is […]

Can I finance a commercial vehicle with bad credit?

Financing a commercial vehicle when you have bad credit

If you have poor credit, qualifying for any kind of loan can be tricky, particularly when it comes to conventional high-street loans, which are issued predominantly on the basis of an applicant’s credit score.

A guide to securing guarantor loans


Worth £400m in the UK, the guarantor loans market is growing and funding essential and life-changing purchases. Here’s how they work and how to apply.