Endurance for entrepreneurs: How to go the distance when business gets tough

Although many people believe that being an entrepreneur is a glamorous vocation, the reality is often far different from the dream. Long days, heavy workloads and immense pressure often weigh you down. These factors can cloud your view of the very reason why you set up in business in the first place. And while starting up can be a steep learning curve that requires all your time and energy even when your business is established, there is no time to rest, or cruise along.

Brexit creates both opportunities and a threat for businesses These 4 mindset hacks will help you cope

Slowly but surely we are lumbering towards Brexit. Whatever the outcome, you as a business owner and team leader have to deal with the reverberations. From my background playing professional cricket, and through my current career in performance consultancy, I know a lot about the importance of a good mindset and managing self-discipline in tricky situations. Here are my four mindset hacks that you can apply to your business when dealing with Brexit.