How having kids made me a better manager

“Becoming a mum is the best thing I have ever done. Setting up my own business is the second.” Here’s why Petra Smith, founder of Squirrels&Bears?believes being a mum makes her better in business.

Want success in China Be a Manchester United, not a Chelsea

With almost 1.4bn consumers, it’s not just Premier League clubs that are eager for success in China many UK businesses see the country as a huge growth opportunity. But there’s a right and a wrong way to enter the market, as Chelsea FC found out the hard way.

Four simple truths I’ve learned in ten years of business

Some ten years ago, Caffeine opened its doors to stimulate growth for its clients. In that decade, we have worked with impatient leaders from companies of all sizes and sectors, done interviews for several books we have published and, of course, run a business which has in its own humble way grown steadily since we started.

Techniques spies use that can double up as management lessons

Hollywood has lovingly told us spies live in a high-tech, guns-blazing world filled with an incredible amount of car chases. But there are plenty of management lessons business leaders can learn from spies apart from the gleaned 007 tips of buy a fancy car and suit.