The best UK business forums rated

Best UK Business Forums

From finance facts and start-up stories, to the best marketing tips that have been tried and tested, whatever you need help with when it comes to business, we have a list of the best UK business forums rated below to help you find the information and people that are important to your business. LinkedIn Reddit […]

Why In-Person Networking Events Should Not Be Forgotten

networking events

Many industries that once relied on live and in-person events have adjusted to online and virtual set-ups with significant success. London Fashion Week, a highly coveted series of events, was hosted entirely online in 2021. It has been said that the virtual nature of the catwalks and clothing presentations offered brands a unique opportunity to […]

85by55: Chatroulette meets LinkedIn

Forget trying to make business contacts on LinkedIn or Facebook ? Shed Simove’s new online networking site, 85by55, is the new place to meet other business people.