Pension planning for SME owners

Pensions are something that we typically think about later on in life, but every business owner should prioritise it. There are a number of different pension vehicles that business owners can consider in retirement and we ve put together this guide to help you navigate your options.

How to look after your mental health in the business world

mental health

Being a successful entrepreneur takes resilence by the bucketload. However, this isn’t just about being tough and ‘rolling with the punches’. True resilience, and ultimately business success relies on entrepreneurs creating strategies that prevent stress, fatigue, and burnout in the long-term.

Calling all business owners: Is your corporate heart big enough?

Expenses system for business

It’s Valentine’s Day, and in the spirit of love and care, it’s time to think about whether your business is giving enough money to charity. The benefits are numerous and include more motivated staff, positive corporate reputation, tax benefits and a great (and ‘free’) marketing campaign that can spread stellar messages about your brand.

5 top tips to help SMEs save on energy bills

In the 2015 Budget the chancellor might not be offering small businesses much in the way of specific help with energy bills, but these are a significant outgoing for most SMEs and there are concerns they'll rise over the next few years.