How to create a sustainable business model

How to Create a Sustainable Business Model

Surveys have shown that over the past year more than half of consumers have actively changed their lifestyle, purchasing, and recycling habits in an effort to live more sustainably. In addition, when asked, participants rated “reducing negative impact on the environment” second in what they look for from a business. The only thing consumers cared […]

Wargaming The secret of business resilience

Tank on chess board - "Wargaming ? The secret of business resilience"

Improvise, adapt and overcome is a phrase often used to describe the process of resilience. But this only describes the process and does nothing to tell us how we can be good at it. Richard Lawrence, CEO of CounterStrike explains how businesses can use the theory of wargaming to become more resilient and grow stronger teams.

Creative Nature: British business grows outside the EU to avoid Brexit uncertainty

Julianne Ponan - CEO of Creative Nature

Real Business talks to Julianne Ponan, CEO of Creative Nature, about her concerns about how the Brexit transition is likely to go and the moves the company has taken to avoid potential problems. About: Creative Nature produces a range of Free-from Snacks, Baking Mixes and Superfoods. UK Small Business of the Year 2018, and Julianne […]

How can we make business a force for good Leading entrepreneurs speak out

Impact business, or “doing social good through business”, over simply making a profit, is more than a flavour of the month. There’s a movement within the entrepreneurial community to make all businesses impactful from start to finish. Consumers like it, and so do these leading UK entrepreneurs.

Tackling your tax returns with technology

Owning and running a business can be unrelenting, the Christmas rush and January sales are closely followed by Valentine’s Day and before too long tax returns and planning for the upcoming 2017/18 financial year.