Keep cool at work while saving on energy bills

With the UK experiencing its longest heatwave since 1976, now is a good time to consider your building design and energy use to ensure you keep your office cool but your carbon emissions and energy bills low.

Mid-market takes the lead on sustainability

The introduction of mandatory reporting in April 2013 means going “green” is no longer an option for large companies listed on the London stock exchange. How will this affect the mid-market?

Energy focus can save profits

Energy is one of the most risky items you’ll manage, says Peter Webster, director of the climate change team at energy consultancy Utilyx.

Why management of carbon emissions must be “business as usual”

In the last year, climate change has become one of the most urgent political and business issues. Thankfully, we have largely managed to move the debate beyond the science and the impact of human action to focus on how we develop the right responses to limit the damage.

Why cutting your carbon emissions makes commercial sense

British businesses are spending millions on wasted energy and needlessly emitting hundreds of thousands of tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere. As the effects of climate change become increasingly apparent, the need for businesses and public sector organisations to take steps to cut carbon emissions has never been greater.