Why cloud computing is an important factor for tech business growth

Britain is home to steadily increasing tech startup scene. According to the recent Tech Nation report, technology is the most important industry in the UK. And with 50 per cent of digital companies in the UK having been founded since 2008, startups are making up a massive part of that industry.

Five ways to stay ahead of tech innovation

Jason Cartwright, founder and CEO of Potato, explains which trends small business leaders should be looking at if they hope to cope with ever-changing pace of technology.

Is the Internet of Things the new entrepreneurial battleground

By 2020 there will be 25bn connections between people on social networks, and 75bn connections between smartphones, appliances, manufacturing equipment and wearable devices. This hyper-connectivity is breathing new life into the global economy, projected to have an economic value of at least $9tn, according to the World Economic Forum.

6 unexpected challenges of cloud

Today there are many good reasons why IT should be pushing for cloud, not just for those super-innovative new business-led projects, but for existing, run-of-the-mill IT operations. However, the promise of cloud has traditionally touted less work for IT.