The key to unlocking your company’s growth potential

Bringing together increasingly prevalent issues such as exporting, funding, team building, acquisitions and big data, the inaugural Value Creation conference on 25 June 2015 will focus exclusively on helping business leaders turn their ventures into high-growth companies.

Wakey! Wakey! How to stop your audience nodding off

So you’ve decided to lay on a conference. Brilliant idea. But avoid the temptation to copy other conference programmes, many of which are dry, formulaic or give too heavy a sales pitch. Remember: these days people are time-poor but rich with choice so when you bore your audience, they feel ripped off!

7 ways to make your presentation message stick

You’re one of 50 speakers at a major conference. This is an opportunity to shine and put your business on the map… so how you can be sure that your presentation will stand out – and, even more importantly, that the delegates will remember your message