Fintech and the future: New FCA CEO must fuse regulation and innovation

As the FCA's latest CEO falls by the wayside, Barry James urges Osborne and the government to pause for a moment and think long and hard about a decision that will have a profound impact on the world of finance in the coming decade – remembering to marry regulation with innovation.

Addison Lee boosts eco credentials with acquisition of Climate Cars

Following the launch of Addison Lee Eco in February 2015, which added 350 hybrid vehicles to its fleet, the company has acquired Climate Cars – a London-based eco-friendly passenger car services. This, the company hopes, will further strengthen its offering to environmentally-conscious customers.

The Telecoms Team: Changing an industry keen on “opaque billing”

The founders of Everline Future 50's The Telecoms Team have spent the last 15 years helping organisations to audit and manage their telecoms services and usage. Over this time the technology’s changed a lot, but according to them "the way telecoms providers treat their customers hasn’t change a bit".