How to draft a consultancy agreement

How to draft a consultancy agreement

Employing consultants and self-employed people can be tricky business. Here's an expert guide to make sure your consultancy agreement is fair and legal.

10 dirty tricks to watch out for when negotiating

You?re making the deal of a lifetime, yet you suspect foul play. The stakes are high and there’s distrust amongst both parties. Should you counter-act with dirty negotiation tricks to gain the upper-hand or take the high-ground and tackle the situation head on?

Hiring strategy: Finding the best candidates for your business

For businesses running lean operations, having an open position could cause a serious problem. That’s why it’s critical that employers have a strong hiring strategy in place to fuel the pipeline to enable them to select the most suitable, skilled and appropriate candidates quickly.

The dress code dilemma: Advice for employers and employees

Putting together a dress code that’s fair and reasonable in the eyes of the law can be a tough task. Even though most have only the best of intentions, many employers fall foul and end up in dispute with members of their workforce.