Calling all business owners: Is your corporate heart big enough?

Expenses system for business

It’s Valentine’s Day, and in the spirit of love and care, it’s time to think about whether your business is giving enough money to charity. The benefits are numerous and include more motivated staff, positive corporate reputation, tax benefits and a great (and ‘free’) marketing campaign that can spread stellar messages about your brand.

Engaging employees with initiatives that satisfy a need for social impact

The Supper Club recently created a report, entitled Talent Tactics, highlighting the need for bosses to attract and retain millennials. While it delves into career progression and a need for better employee-employer relationships, we were intrigued by its look at corporate social responsibility and brand purpose.

Brand purpose is infinitely more important than just CSR

Corporate social responsibility is often seen as the answer to many ills by organisations, while being nothing more than lip service for the rest of us. It doesn’t solve everything. But it gains more meaning when it’s an extension of brand purpose.