How to help employees be healthy and happy

Healthy Employee

Research has shown that 26% of the UK population believe they do not have a good work-life balance. Pair this with the 58% who state they are ?too tired to exercise during the work week, and it’s clear we need to find ways to help employees be healthy and happy.

How to make mobile working work for you

Mobile Working

According to the Office of National Statistics, half of the UK workforce will work remotely by 2020. But just because it’s now more common doesn’t mean bosses feel positive about it.

Addressing the ethical aspects of company culture

With the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) proposing a significantly increased focus on company culture in its consultation on the Corporate Governance Code, the issue of culture has become something of a hot topic around the board room table.

The key to unlocking equal pay could be workplace culture

Companies with 250 or more members of staff are required to report gender pay gap figures by 4 April 2018. While it largely focuses on tackling inequality within big corporations, the onus has also been put on SME bosses to unlock equal pay.