Recent technological advances are more frightening than GDPR

We all watched as the business world descended into an unprecedented panic over GDPR and what would happen upon being non-compliant. But there are technological advances on the horizon with far more terrifying consequences, says Real Business columnist Jan Cavelle.

The 6 GDPR ?need to knows” for small businesses

Much research has been dedicated to the upheavals needed to be ready for the May 25 GDPR deadline, with a report revealing only 21% of UK SME bosses are “very confident” that they understand all the regulations that apply to them.

The story of the IT manager and the six golden rules

Once upon a time, in an enterprise far, far away, there lived a valiant IT manager and team. The team kept its company’s precious data safe from the evil, horrid hackers. One day, a breach occurred and sensitive data was stolen. Luckily, the company recovered but only just.

Tips for using public WiFi safety

Public WiFi lets you work outside the office and provides a cheap alternative to mobile broadband. But it is vulnerable to hackers, so if you’re conducting business (or using it for sensitive personal communications) then you need to take precautions.

Have we entered an age of compliance complacency?

Daren Howell, business continuity expert at Sungard Availability Services, looks at how businesses are extremely relaxed or dangerously unaware of the changing responsibilities and liabilities around compliance.