The Best Practises for Cybersecurity Training in SMEs


There’s a common misconception that SMEs aren’t aware of cybersecurity threats. However, in reality, it’s not that SMEs aren’t aware of threats, more that they’re unsure what to do about them. The best way to counter this is through training. Training can help SME owners and their staff better recognise and understand the threats they face. […]

Why We Need To Leverage Digital Adoption By Increasing Skills


The pandemic has dramatically accelerated the rate of digital adoption amongst the UK’s small business community.  What needs to happen now is the signposting of relevant and targeted support to help firms leverage their investment in technology. As recently as 2019, there was an astonishing disparity in digital appetite amongst companies across the UK.  According […]

The SME Guide to Cloud Telephony for Hybrid Working

cloud telephony

The global pandemic has set new precedents in our attitudes towards how, where, and when we work. Lockdowns taught us that so much more can be done remotely than we ever thought possible and proved to the UK workforce that a large percentage of businesses could facilitate remote working structures – and now it could be here to stay.
As labour markets become increasingly competitive, SMEs must make sure they stand out as businesses that will invest in their workforce, show care and compassion towards their wellbeing, and be flexible in how their employees’ work.