Why apprenticeships are good for business

For many years, university was the bastion of social prestige, academic achievement, and prospective economic success for young people. But this is starting to change due to the many failings of the university system, including the fact that the acquisition of a degree no longer guarantees a well-paid and stable job. So is earning while you learn the answer” Let’s talk apprenticeships…

Keep cool at work while saving on energy bills

With the UK experiencing its longest heatwave since 1976, now is a good time to consider your building design and energy use to ensure you keep your office cool but your carbon emissions and energy bills low.

Changing the internal mindset on GDPR from the inside, out

It can be easy to see 25 May as a finish line. This isn’t the case. True GDPR compliance is not measured in your alignment with the rules on the day it gets implemented, but more so your entire organisation’s alignment thereafter.