Creating a sexual harassment policy that meets staff expectations

Recent events have brought more attention to sexual harassment in the workplace, but knowing how to fight against such issues is still not fully understood. To give bosses a more in-depth view of what can be done, we asked experts what procedures should be put in place and what staff expect the process to be like.

How easy is it for staff to become accidentally illegal?

Prime minister Theresa May has repeatedly confirmed her intention to create a hostile environment for illegal migrants. But whilst the word “illegal” might conjure up an image of clandestine entry, it’s surprisingly easy for a law-abiding individual to be labelled as such.

Are you aware of Google searches your staff are making?

While the Google search engine’s function is to point you to the most relevant information you need, it can also be used to pinpoint current trends. This was highlighted by First4Lawyers, which tried to spot staff grievances based on popular Google searches.