A look at the contents of the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill

It serves as the centrepiece at the heart of the government's commitment to make the UK the best place in the world to start and grow a business – the kind of vintage glass of port at the end of a meal it hopes people will be waxing lyrical about in the future. But what exactly is in the Small Business Bill – Real Business has had a look.

The details behind Shared Parental Leave legislation

From 5 April, Shared Parental Leave will be available to eligible parents. In the fourth of our five-part employment law series, we examine what the benefits to employees will be and what it will cost employers

A guide to employment tribunal claims

Since April 2014 a number of changes to claims issued and defended in employment tribunals have been introduced: potential claimants must refer their claim to ACAS first; fees must be paid; and, in circumstances where the employer’s behaviour is deemed to be malicious or have aggravating features, they may be obliged to pay a financial penalty (anything between £100 and £5000) to the government.