What can an Employee do when Contracted Hours are not being Met?

Contracted hours not being met

A contract of employment sets out the terms that both employer and employee must adhere to during the period of employment. This includes contracted hours, which is the minimum that an employee is expected to work and to be paid for. But what can an employee do about contracted hours not being met? Is this […]

Creating a sexual harassment policy that meets staff expectations

Recent events have brought more attention to sexual harassment in the workplace, but knowing how to fight against such issues is still not fully understood. To give bosses a more in-depth view of what can be done, we asked experts what procedures should be put in place and what staff expect the process to be like.

Has the gig economy got a new gig?

Michelle Morgan, senior associate in the employment law team at Gardner Leader solicitors, takes a look at what the Taylor Review means for small business owners, especially those operating within the gig economy.

What’s next on the agenda for employment law?

With 2017 set to be a busy year in terms of employment law key changes include the introduction of mandatory gender pay gap reporting, the apprenticeship levy and the potential triggering of Brexit we discuss some of the changes.

How well do you know the whistleblowing policy

Whistleblowing is a topic that’s constantly featured in the news and with a number of high profile cases recently hitting the headlines it seems the subject is firmly back in the spotlight once again – and not in a positive light.

Employees that take dishonest sickies – don’t get caught

Whilst there are many employees who are genuinely unwell and want to work closely with their employer to keep them informed and get back to work as soon as they can, there are some who believe company sick pay is equivalent to additional holiday time.