How business schools ensure their courses are relevant to you

As a business leader, it’s essential to step back from time to time to assess where your company’s going, to check and refresh your vision, and ensure that you and your team’s development needs are met. It’s necessary, but with everything else demanding your attention, can be as difficult to schedule as that holiday you’ve been meaning to take for the past, ooh, two years.

Voice of RB First Women: What are your business rules

The name of my first book, written nearly a decade ago, was “Business Rules”. This was a guide to the pitfalls you could inadvertently fall into, when running your own business. Some ten years on, I would have written a different book, because this next decade is more, in my opinion, about business behaviour, rather than following any so-called rules.

How ethical is the PR industry

The issue of PR and its influence on the media is never far away, the underlying concern being that PR either distorts the truth or blatantly hides it.