Let them eat chaos A global snapshot

Jeremy Cook, chief economist at World First, the currency and international payments firm, discusses emerging markets and his predictions for 2017 in the second of a two part series.

Gender pay gap in the UK a European comparison

Under new regulations, UK employers with at least 250 employees will need to publicly disclose gender pay gap information from 2018. It is hoped that this radical shift in approach will help address inequality in the UK and bring it up to speed with its better performing European counterparts.

Europe is coming round to BT’s broadband thinking

BT has pulled its capabilities back to ‘sub-Gigabit” levels to deliver competitive services over long distances. That’s innovative and some might say courageous. And it’s making operators across the globe think differently about FTTP.

Brexit: What lies ahead for employment law?

Here are the reactive measures that employers can take now to ensure they are best placed for what lies ahead with the forthcoming Brexit, and the proactive moves that will enable them to prepare and thrive in the future.