What would a Brexit mean for the future of employment law?

On Thursday 23 June, the UK will vote on whether it wishes to remain in the EU. Karen Bexley, head of employment law at MLP Law, takes a look at the Brexit debate and gives comment on some of the potential changes to employment law following the referendum.

Why London is the business capital of Europe

Connectivity, venture capital, diversity, community and more – we take an in-depth look at the various factors and accomplishments that make London deserving of the “business capital of Europe” label.

8 key challenges facing private markets

According to Altius Associates, one of the biggest global challenges facing investors in 2016 will be how private equity fund managers deal with the highest level of dry powder ever recorded while still delivering returns in proportion with private equity risk.

Chinese investors pave the way for European M&A activity

In 2015 chancellor George Osborne claimed Britain should “run towards China” to help boost the UK economy. Just four months later, a report highlighted the nation was becoming a key force in the M&A market – with the UK topping the list when it came to Chinese investment.