Why In-Person Networking Events Should Not Be Forgotten

networking events

Many industries that once relied on live and in-person events have adjusted to online and virtual set-ups with significant success. London Fashion Week, a highly coveted series of events, was hosted entirely online in 2021. It has been said that the virtual nature of the catwalks and clothing presentations offered brands a unique opportunity to […]

How to plan your office Christmas party in 2020

Christmas laptop and fairy lights

While your office Christmas party will undoubtedly require some alterations this year, there are always ways to show your employees that you care and bring some holiday cheer says Toby Heelis, CEO of Eventopedia.

Events as a platform for growth

It’s very easy to say that you are too busy to attend events, but we all seem to forget the benefit of stepping out of the office for face to face contact. After all we need to learn to grow.