Overcoming business barriers to international trade

The uncertainty surrounding Brexit exactly when the government will invoke Article 50 and what sort of deal the UK will get from the EU is causing many SMEs to look beyond the historically easy pickings of the EU and towards the wider world for international trade.

Hassle.com MD says ?manky gaff marketing appeal will create household brand

Following acquisition last year, online cleaning service Hassle.com has now pushed into 11 new cities across the UK. The company’s MD Sam James has told Real Business that growth and awareness will be achieved with a voice that is both fun and memorable – two things you wouldn’t usually associate with chores.

Eight tips on expanding your business globally

Many successful businesses aspire to develop a global strategy and expand into new territories. This move can be for various reasons, often to increase global market share, lower manufacturing costs or diversify customer base.

Top tips on expanding your business in Africa

While the business capitals of the world continue to hog the headlines with fluctuating statistics and possible fall-outs, why aren’t more people talking about the business opportunities available in Africa, in particular its largest country, Nigeria

Going global as a business in the digital age

Michael Gould, founder and CTO at business planning and modelling business Anaplan, shares his experience of growing the business and advocates thinking on worldwide basis from the very beginning.