Helping teams up their game through executive coaching

How much of a priority is executive coaching in your business?

We think of like a tree, with the CEO on the bottom. The individual contributors are the fruitthe people doing the workAnd managers are their supportive branches. Coaching is a key tool for ensuring your teammates fully ripen.

Facebook, data breaches and the real risk under GDPR

With the introduction of GDPR two months away (25 May), the news this week regarding Cambridge Analytica and the Facebook data breach involving data of approximately 50m Facebook users, should be a lesson to every business of the real risks under GDPR.

Guarantee a return from your social media investment from the start

Social media is here to stay for the foreseeable future. In fact, by 2019 it is estimated there will be around 2.77bn users worldwide. But before proceeding with your social media investment, planning is essential for ensuring that your efforts will be effective right from the start.