Failing to engage the board is failing to deliver on change

Who knows how many change projects actually fail There are statistics from influential sources such as McKinsey, HBR, Towers Watson and Forbes indicating that the figure is as high as 70 per cent. Of course, others dispute that the figure is quite so high. But if you want to steer clear of failure entirely, do not neglect the board.

Ten business predictions that were proven to be well and truly wrong

Planning ahead is essential for a small or medium-sized business, as it is for any company. But as 2016 comes increasingly nearer, glaring into a crystal ball can prove a risky tactic – just ask Alan Sugar and J.K. Rowling. Here are ten business predictions that were hugely incorrect.

The entrepreneurs who fought failures to become billionaire business icons

The UK has been criticised for not embracing the American culture of failure. Indeed, in the US it's considered something of a badge of honour for an entrepreneur to fail before achieving success with a business venture. As such, we've rounded up key cases of individuals with superhuman tenacity as a reminder to never back down.

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