5 ways continuous feedback motivates millennial workers

Many baby-boomer bosses find the world of millennials completely alien. While it’s not necessary to understand their penchant for niche podcasts and emoji code, managers need to grasp the changes millennials are making to the workplace.

The biggest brand marketing mistakes you can make

In today’s tough market, you need a solid brand marketing strategy and crisis management process in case anything goes wrong. To assist you, the experts at Romax have listed the biggest and most common mistakes.

The New Year rules to managing performance

A New Year is upon us and many employees will be thinking about ways to boost their career new opportunities, challenges and learning experiences, so now’s an ideal time to ask yourself, Are managers actually managing performance effectively?”

Top tips on getting that coveted five star review

Every business can benefit from positive word of mouth research reveals that 92 per cent of customers use reviews to help them make purchasing decisions. It stands to reason then that you should seek to gain a five star review.

Shaken and stirred How to manage your career

The current James Bond, Daniel Craig, has reportedly turned down an eye watering £150m to reprise his role for a further two films. This is a clear example of career planning.

Why it’s important to do business truthfully

If you want to be successful in business, you shouldn’t lie, cheat or steal. Everyone knows that neglecting to adhere to basic ethics will lead to ruin, but simply living up to these expectations isn’t enough.