How to crush female talent

Crushing female talent is remarkably achievable and frighteningly common. The best way to achieve it is to make some simple assumptions. For example, women put their family first and men don’t; women want regular hours; women won’t return to work after having a child; if they do return, they will need to fit the job around the baby; ambition will die at the age of 30; it is impossible to combine a successful career with running a home and family.

A female engineer in leadership and space – rule 01

Even though women are working in engineering and the scientific field, engineering is still seen as a male-dominated sector. In the UK, women are under-represented in the industry, as men hold about 94% of all engineering positions.

Championing women in business

Melissa Morris, CEO of Network Locum, discusses her experiences as a female entrepreneur and how other women can establish themselves as successful business women.

What’s behind the female brain drain?

Top performing women are walking out the door of the world ?’s best-known companies at the pinnacle of their career. And no, they’re not leaving to start a family. They’re leaving to become entrepreneurs.