Interview etiquette and corporate culture from across the globe

Interview etiquette

“No matter where you are in the world, first impressions count,” Glassdoor’s head of international product, Tico Andrea, said. It was in reference to the company’s most recent research, which highlighted the global variations of interview etiquette.

UK and US perspectives on the right to disconnect

France drew attention at the start of the year with its right to disconnect law, which, by its title, suggests all employees have the legal right to switch off from their jobs when they leave work for the day, or are on holiday.

Gender pay gap in the UK a European comparison

Under new regulations, UK employers with at least 250 employees will need to publicly disclose gender pay gap information from 2018. It is hoped that this radical shift in approach will help address inequality in the UK and bring it up to speed with its better performing European counterparts.