How to finance a franchise with no money

How to finance a franchise with no money

Owning a franchise is a goal for many aspiring business people and entrepreneurs. By opening a franchise, you get access to an already successful business model, a business plan that you can always refer to, and an enthusiastic client base ready and waiting to support you as you open your doors.   But what puts many […]

How your franchise can stand out from the crowd

Costa Coffee

It can be difficult to stand out from the crowd as a franchise under a bigger corporate umbrella. We look into a few ways to offer a unique experience to customers and help your franchise stand out from competitors.

Our trapped intrapreneurs should be tomorrows network marketing millionaires

Network marketing continues to suffer a PR backlash. “Don’t go there”, say some. “Yes, we know all about it, it’s a pyramid scheme,” say others. Few realise, however, that it’s considered as a serious career path in many in countries from Germany to Japan, where the stigma simply doesn’t exist.

Five strategies for achieving and sustaining SME growth

Growing a business comes with opportunities and challenges – while becoming an industry leader is attractive, it comes with the risk that demand will outstrip capacity. To avoid that pitfall, you need a strategic plan – such as these five methods successfully employed by UK firms.

Franchising: From a franchisees POV

Franchising is really quite simple: it involves a franchisor effectively selling a business idea, along with a number of supporting materials and resources, to someone else – aka the franchisee, who wants to run an identical business but in a different geographical area.

Franchising: Fancy a slice of the action

Domino’s Pizza has recently reported a rise of 10.8 per cent in first-quarter UK sales, contributing much of this rise to its successful ‘Winter Survival’ meal deal. Founded in Michigan in 1960, this pizza chain is a fine example of how to do franchising right.