StreetHub: Helping independent retailers to fight back against large chains

Despite the rise of ecommerce, and perceived decline of the high street, a staggering 89 per cent of UK retail still occurs offline. Of this, 50 per cent of home and fashion items are researched online, and then purchased locally, in bricks and mortar shops. This has uniquely positioned Everline Future 50 mobile app StreetHub to help shoppers find products in independent home and fashion boutiques.

Disruptive presence Innoverne is changing how automotive firms operate with product-as-a-service

Innoverne, founded by Julian Thomas in 2011, features in the Everline Future 50 this year. The business allows automotive brands to scale down capital investment in tools and equipment while delivering value for dealer groups and independent garages by enabling product-as-a-service. Seemingly discontent with taking seven startups to exit and generating over £200m of value creation, Innoverne’s leadership team seeks to decouple economic growth from raw material use across multiple sectors.

Big Sofa: Disrupting Unilever, BA, Mars and the UK government with video technology

Five years ago, Everline Future 50's Big Sofa's founders looked into the future and predicted that video would become the next big communication platform within five to ten years. Five years later, Big Sofa is supporting the visual developments and services of household organisations including the UK government and British Airways, securing its place as one of the Everline Future 50.