Finding the right supplier: A new series for 2017

Finding the right supplier doesn't have to become a chore

We re going back to basics in 2017 and exploring what a SMEs should be looking for in a supplier, whether that’s gas, electricity or broadband, as part of a new partnership with Total Gas and Power.

Flow Energy: Improving energy costs and the environment for homes and SMEs globally

Flow blended energy and technological innovations to perfect its boilers, which deliver consumers with dual benefits, including lower bills and lower power consumption. With less power consumed to keep homes warm, as heating and electricity are generated at the same time, the company claims to be doing its bit to save the planet, meaning customers can rest assured they're also doing their bit for the environment.

Velocys: Pioneers in smaller scale GTL

Velocys is leading the growth of a new industry: the distributed production of fuels and chemicals. The company’s intellectual property lies at the heart of their competitiveness.